Violence Prevention Center of Berks Opens Computer Services Store –

READING, PA – The Violence Prevention Center of Berks (VPCBerks), in its quest to extend educational opportunities to low-income residents, has opened a computer store named Pay-It-Forward Technologies at 549 Spring St ― the corner of 6th and Spring streets ― in Reading, Pennsylvania. The current goals of the store are to provide low-cost, Linux-based refurbished computers as well as high-quality Windows and Linux repair services to low-income families.

To keep service fees low, Pay-It-Forward Technologies has created an apprenticeship program for high-school students. The apprentice program is a graduated program that will take the participants step-by-step through a process of rebuilding computers, loading operating systems and software, setting-up networks and creating websites. Apprentices who complete the two-year program will receive a certificate detailing their achievements so they can place this skill set on a résumé. The main object of the apprentice program is to give the participants advantage in entering the computer industry; especially, the set-up, maintenance and repair of Linux-based servers.

The need for low-cost, reliable computers in low-income communities is becoming increasingly important because school districts, like Reading’s, rely heavily on web-based tools for classroom and homework support. In…

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