Video Conferencing Solution for Law Enforcements

Video conference, is served to be a good solution for all the state and local courts to execute live communication with the prisoner. Normally through the traditional court hearings, logistics have to be performed for shifting the prisoner to the court. In such cases, there is a risk of prisoners escaping. This process of shifting the prisoner from jail to court require huge security.

 Apart from the accused interrogation, through this solution the witness can also be submitted in the court virtually. In some circumstances, the witness will not be available during the time of court hearings, in such situations, with the aid of the videoconferencing software, the witness can testify what he/she have seen or observed against the accused.

Traditionally, the conferencing technology which is being used in the legal enforcements was a hardware based. In hardware conferencing, there are lots of constraints such as conference is restricted for boardroom , very high bandwidth is required for each video and require very huge hardware components. But now most of the state and local courts are making use of the Video conferencing technology.

This  software is composed of ample number of features, which benefits the law firms. Let us consider, a lawyer is in out of station or in travel and must attend the case conference. In this case, such lawyer can make use of the desktop video conferencing to attend the case conference through online. Through this software, the lawyers can share a document or case file immediately, without separately sending it through the mails.

The topmost benefits of video conferencing for the law enforcements are as follows:

  • The lawyers can attend the case conference, by being anywhere and anytime.
  • Lawyers can avail the advantage of taking the reference of the various other lawyers, through video conferencing software
  • Reduces the risk of prisoner escaping, as the prisoner is presented to the court from the jail itself.
  • Minimized need of heavy…

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