Undocumented immigrants in Sacramento in ‘survival mode’ as deportation threat grows

Undocumented immigrants in Sacramento are selling their furniture and cars to rid themselves of bulky items in case they’re deported. Those who have money set aside are sending it to loved ones in Mexico or Central America, convinced that the U.S. government will seize their cash to help build a southern border wall.

For some families, daily routines have been scaled back to essential trips only: The kids get dropped off at school and groceries are purchased, at least on days when rumors aren’t flying on Facebook about immigration agents raiding the market down the street. When families do leave home, they often carry “know your rights” cards printed from the websites of national immigration law centers that include what they should and shouldn’t say to authorities if they’re detained.

“We are trying to be prepared for any situation,” said a 39-year-old mother of three who traveled to the United States from Mexico nearly 17 years ago and is living here illegally….

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