Understanding End Uses of Steel and Contribution of Steel Suppliers in our Economy

Steel is considered to be a commodity item. There are several iron and steel suppliers across the globe to fulfill the requirement of steel which is ever growing. It is widely used and prominently found in several industries across any economy. Iron and steel merchants plays a great role in catering to the needs of steel products.

Number of iron and steel traders is growing as the demand and end-uses of steel, the segments are myriads than we know. Let’s have a closer look what are the end uses of steel which are largely prevalent in our economy.

Flat Steel

The product that iron and steel suppliers supply is majority witnessed in number of different groups which includes:


Plates are usually utilized in ship building, manufacturing of huge diameter pipe for gas and oil transport and for military purposes like, armored plates, tanks, and personnel carriers.

Hot Rolled Sheet/Coil

Such coiled sheets are predominantly used in heavy channels and ducts, low pressure tanks, water and gas pipes, and also in the construction, auto chassis part and other machine parts.

Cold Rolled Sheet/Coil


The cold sheets generally find place in roofing products, in-built component of white products like freezers and refrigerators, utensils with enamel coating, packaging and strapping, brackets for machinery and construction purposes.

Coated Steel Items

Such products are prominently zinc and tin coated steels. These are used for the manufacturing of air ventilation shafts, cabinets, lockers, metal boxes, interior car parts, railway coaches, drums, roofing products, vessels, PVC window parts etc.

Long Products

In long products following sections are more significant:

Heavy Sections

Heavy long products of steel can be found in various products which may include making of bridges or in the construction process in the form of beams as weight support structures in different building types. Rails also use a considerable quantity of long steel products wherein heavy steel parts are required.

Light Sections

This type of steel is found in the shape of merchant bar products i.e. round, hexagonal, rectangular, square, flat, which are facilitated as support structures in construction of building, reinforcing bar along with engineering steel items like hydraulic components, crank shafts, suspension arms, gear box, and automotive springs.

Some applications of steel products are extremely specialized in terms of metal cutting, tool steels, for the production of tools like stamping dies, hand tools, shear blades, machine tool-bit holders etc.


Nonetheless, steel is a commodity product, manufactured by iron and steel merchants and supplied by iron and steel suppliers, the usages of steel in all verticals of any economy. There is no dearth of iron and steel traders and applications of steel plates and other steel products. It could span from the biggest infrastructural support to tinniest jewelry tool. Given the above usages of steel, it is quite obvious that…

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