U-46 collecting data on kindergarten performance

Elgin schools officials say they will be measuring student performance for the first time in full-day kindergarten and releasing the data this spring.

Roughly 2,700 students across 40 elementary schools are enrolled in Elgin Area School District U-46’s full-day kindergarten program, which debuted districtwide this school year.

As part of the now six-hour kindergarten school day — double the class time in half-day kindergarten — students get to play outside, have an hour for lunch and recess, participate in storytime and have more play-based lessons in class.

There are blocks of time during which teachers concentrate on core content areas, such as literacy, language and math. The structure offers students plenty of time to interact with each other and naturally acquire social and emotional skills, and it allows teachers more time for individualized attention.

This is the first year U-46 is collecting performance data…

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