Turn Paper Forms into Mobile Apps with Snappii


Snappii, a company that has been making business apps since 2012, announced its new solution for businesses that want to utilize app technology to substantially boost their efficiency. Using the Snappii platform, even someone who knows nothing about coding can create a mobile form in as little as 10 minutes. It is the easiest way for companies to reduce, and in some cases replace, reliance on paper forms.

Snappii’s revolutionary solution removes all the barriers for organizations to replace paper forms with mobile apps. The cost, time and work required is no longer an obstacle in moving from PDFs or printed forms to iOS or Android based mobile forms. The transformation is instant and requires minimum effort.

Snappii Field Reports solution makes the transition from paper forms to mobile apps as easy as possible. It cuts the amount of time, and the costs involved, from converting a form into a dependable app. All Snappii apps work on both Android and iOS without incurring any extra cost, so sharing the mobile app among co-workers is as easy as sending an email.

By simply loading existing PDF forms into the Snappii Field Reports, PDF files become business workflow apps in about 10 minutes. There is no need to be a programmer or have software coding skills.

Snappii Fields Report solution is visual, and has tooltips to help along. If all else fails, Snappii support is just a click away.

Creating a form is simple:

  • Scan existing paper forms and convert them into PDF files
  • Load the PDF forms into the Snappii Field Reports
  • Move the desired fields into the form
  • Instantly publish a private app and invite users with a click of a button
  • Run the app on an iOS or Android mobile device

Once forms are uploaded they can be…

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