Town fights back against alarm industry’s objections | Prescott Valley Tribune

Prescott Valley Police Chief Bryan Jarrell urged everyone to consider the motives of those on both sides of the alarm ordinances argument at a town hall meeting on Tuesday, July 18 and repeated his supplication at the Prescott Valley Town Council Work Study Session on Thursday, July 20.

“I’m responsible for the protection of every single resident and visitor that comes into this town. With limited resources, I cannot in good conscience continue a practice that has been flawed since its inception,” Jarrell said at the town hall, speaking of the current protocol in place which saw officers responding to false alarms 99.2 percent of the time. “The motives of the alarm industry are not the altruistic goal of keeping people safe, it’s to continue their moneymaking enterprise.”

The town hall and subsequent discussion before the council came after Jarrell went before the Prescott Valley Town Council in June to propose instituting a verified response protocol which drew the attention of the Arizona Alarm Association which is urging the council to adopt a model alarm ordinance.

The alarm industry wants Prescott Valley to adopt ordinances that include things like the police department accepting response cancellations and alarm user training classes, Jarrell said, noting that the Prescott Valley Police Department already does both of those.

“They want fines, escalating and meaningful for chronic abusers. Now we have fines, but our council has been against the concept of escalating fines and punishing the residents in the community and I agree with that. We’re trying to address this false paradigm in completely the wrong way and continually punishing people financially is something I don’t advocate,” he said. “Notification to user of all dispatches, that means they want us to notify the alarm owner every time that we’re dispatched. That’s already in place. They want to require enhanced call confirmation by the alarm company, we already…

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