Top 9 Rules of Dog Training- Important Dog Training Advice You Need To Know

Hey guys Allan here. Here is some dog training advice to help you dog lovers get the ball rolling with training your dog! Pay very close attention to these tips!

Enjoy Your Training- Make your dog training sessions with your dog enjoyable and have fun while training your dog. Dogs can sense when you are having a good time and they too get excited. This helps the dog learn better. Take the training seriously but remember to be excited and show your dog your having fun by having a positive attitude.

Use A Commanding Voice- You must make sure that when you tell your dog to do something you tell your dog in a strong, serious and confident tone. Use a voice of authority. Don’t yell or try to make your dog scared of you. Just put a little authority in your voice so the dog takes the command seriously. After and only after the dog does what you ask, you use a happy nice voice to praise and reward your dog.

When Should I Start Training My Dog?- Right Away. You will here some dog training advice that advises you to start training your dog when he or she becomes older, typically 2 to 3 months old. My recommendation is to train your dog as soon as possible. The quicker your dog obeys, behaves well and becomes housebroken the better.

Don’t Punish Your Dog- This may become very difficult to do especially if you are a new dog owner. But negative reinforcement is not as effective as positive reinforcement. Negative reinforcement dog training advice is just counterproductive. When you scream, yell, hit or punish your dog you make the dog fearful and on edge. Your dog will never know what to expect from you meaning whether you will be nice or mean. When the dog feels this way it interferes with his or her ability to listen, respond, and absorb your training.

Having Patience – While training your dog is rewarding fulfilling and fun, there are some trying moments where things can get a little frustrating. Have patience with your dog because he or she is trying and will learn with time and repetition. If for some reason you feel your getting frustrated, take a break. Dog’s are intuitive and can sense when you are getting worked up. Just remember to have fun.

More Dog Training Advice- Your Training Sessions

Short But Powerful Sessions- You should never exhaust yourself and your dog with several hours of training a day. Fifteen to thirty minutes each day is more than enough to be effective. Train your dog with one command per session. Do not overwhelm them with everything in the training book. It is very easy to get excited by all this dog training advice we get and then throw everything you learned at your dog at once. Do not do this. Structure your sessions and keep them short, focused and organized.

Remember to begin with basic commands and when your dog has mastered these instructions, gradually move on to more advance commands each session. Praise your dog with rewards and treats whe he or she completes a task.

Keep Your Dog Focused – Dogs that aren’t trained can get easily distracted, especially puppies. It is very important for you to keep your dog’s attention by removing all distractions during your training sessions. I like finding a nice grassy spot in the backyard or a park after a walk. I also make sure I train my dog around the house so he or she becomes familiar with how I want the dog to behave in my home.

It is best for you to train your dog- I do not recommend letting dog training schools train your dog. I also do not recommend hiring a professional dog trainer. There are three main cons to using dog training schools and trainers to train your dog: 1. You don’t form the special bond between you and your dog which is very important for you to have a deep understanding of your dogs personality, likes, dislikes, strengths, weakness etc… 2. Your dog won’t be able to fully understand how “you” want him or her to behave in “your” household such as where to lay down, what rooms not to go in, what times not to get excited etc…… 3. Dog training classes and Pro Dog trainers are pretty expensive. I’ve looked at a lot of places and they charge an arm a leg even for basic dog training advice.

Get Quality Dog Training Advice- You’re probably thinking that you don’t know the first thing about training a dog. That’s understandable because I didn’t know when I first started out either but I learned by reading quality dog training books. There are some great books out there that teach you everything that you need to know about dog training, dog grooming, dog health, dog diet.

I found the best dog training info online because I read someone’s review on the books and what they included and if it was a positive review I got the book. Just make sure you are getting complete and quality dog training advice and you will get your pup trained in not time!

I hope you enjoyed this dog training advice! Now let’s get that doggy trained!

I know that training your dog can be hard and frustrating at times. Trust me before learning how to train dogs properly, I went through what your probably going through right now with your dog. If you want more dog training advice and additional information on dog behavior and dog health visit
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