To Court Millennials, Hotels Are Rolling Out the Yoga Mat

Mr. Giannantonio may be just one of millions of millennials inclined to pick a hotel based on its ability to help them stay fit. A 2016 survey by the travel and hospitality firm MMGY Global found that nearly half of millennials said a premium fitness center with options for on- or off-site exercise classes was influential when they chose a hotel, as opposed to more than a third of Generation Xers and fewer than a quarter of baby boomers. (MMGY Global’s study counted millennials as those born from 1980 to 1998.)

Other studies have also shown the wisdom of using fitness to market to millennial travelers. In the summer travel tracker survey conducted last year by American Express Travel, 49 percent of millennials said they viewed an on-site gym as one of the most important features at a hotel.

Hotels have been moving in that direction. The American Hotel and Lodging Association found that 85 percent of hotels had fitness facilities…

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