Tip Sheet on How to Transfer Ownership of a Florida Timeshare by Deed and Record

Florida Timeshare Deeds

In Florida timeshares are real property. Ownership change of real property is by deed.

Tip Sheet by Deed and Record explains how to change ownership of Florida timeshares. Ownership change is needed for divorce, marriage, to add or remove relatives, to fund trusts and to give away a timeshare. In Florida, timeshares are treated as real property. Real property ownership transfers are by deed.

A deed is a paper, signed by the current owner to transfer the current owner’s interest to a new owner. Florida requires the current owner’s signature to be both acknowledged by a notary and witnessed by two individuals. The notary may be one of the witnesses.

In addition to the current owner’s signature, the deed must name the new owner, his or her marital status and address. The deed must also contain a legal description of the real property and a property tax number.

Florida maintains real property ownership records in the courthouse of each county. Most counties in Florida allow for electronic recording. Electronic recording takes a day or two is extremely efficient to other methods that will take up to one month.

After the deed has been recorded, a copy of the recorded deed must be provided to the timeshare company to update its records. The timeshare company will have its own paperwork to complete and its own charge.

Florida timeshare ownership change is by deed recorded in the county where the timeshare is located. The recorded deed is provided to the timeshare company to update its ownership records. Change in ownership is needed for divorce, marriage, to add or remove a co-owner, to fund a trust and to gift a timeshare.

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