Things You Should Do Before Get Pregnant

Get pregnant is what the most wonderful feeling that woman feels but as after getting pregnant lots of things are there which you need to be consider, similarly before pregnancy there are some things that you should do. Here are few important things for consideration before get pregnant:

• Few years back, couples were crazy for consulting about their conception plans, but now they book preconception health check- ups in advance to get ensure the health of the mother and new born child too. You may help your partner to accompany for the appointment as several male partners think that they do not need to take part in preconception test and consultancy but the fact is both the partners are necessary to attend this consulting phase regarding health care.

• Never be confident on you as I know I know everything. It’s better to schedule your preconception test before trying to conceive because in this way if anything is abnormal can be treated easily and could not harm your kid health.

• You are on the starting point of journey to motherhood, so it’s your responsibility to take extra care of your health. If you are in a good health conditions like free from health problems, sexually transmitted diseases and normal blood pressure, then you doctor will give you green signal, but in case if there is any problem found, firstly doctor advised you to treat it completely and then try to conceive.

• It’s time to make changes in your lifestyle or lifestyle makeover time. It is the best time to start physically more active and also should be psychological equipped to handle the highs and lows of the pregnancy. In addition if you are carrying extra weight then it’s time to lose it right now to reduce the risk of pregnancy and of course if you are under weight, then try to gain some pounds, otherwise it will harm your chances of conceiving anytime. Extra weight loss before pregnancy will balance off post natal weight gain.

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