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A couple of weeks ago Amman Badlani, an East Village resident and reader of The Local, let us in on a secret. He was planning to propose to his girlfriend of over three and a half years, and he was planning to do it on the F train. We’ll let the young romantic explain why exactly he busted out a Victorian ring from 1900 (“just as old as the building we live in, coincidentally,” he told us) while deep in the bowels of the earth Sunday. When you’re done reading, have a look at our video of the big moment.

Monique and I met on August 14, 2009 – I know the exact date because I had gone to see Animal Collective play at the Prospect Park bandshell that evening. She was at the Tribeca Grand and somehow we both ended up on the F train afterwards. I had been in NYC for about eight months up to that point and hadn’t taken the F train too many times.

So I was heading back into the city, and I missed my stop at Second Avenue. Realizing that right as the doors were closing, I…

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