‘They ain’t hurtin’ nobody’: Kentville man told to get rid of pet pigs – Nova Scotia

Einstein and Winstin are “good boys.”

They like to play with their toys. They love apples and belly rubs.

They used a litter box when they were little and slept in dog beds indoors.

Noah Graves even bottle-fed the two Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs when they were tiny, squirming, snorting babies.

He would never dream of turning them into bacon.

But local bylaw officers say Einstein and Winstin are classified as “meat pigs,” Graves said, and have told him to get rid of them.

Complaint filed

Graves, 19, said bylaw officers first came to his father’s place in North Kentville, N.S., about two months ago and told him they had received a complaint.

“They said someone complained about a 300-pound hog running through their yard,” he said.

Noah Graves says his two Viatnamese pot-bellied pigs are “his boys.” (Noah Graves)

But Einstein and Winstin don’t even come up to one’s knees, Graves said. Winstin, who is almost 2½ years old, weighs about 60 pounds, and Einstein, who is 1½ years old, is about 45 pounds.

“The SPCA came up and they fell in love with our pigs. They were like, ‘Oh my God, we thought we were coming to see some 300-pound hog,'” Graves said.

Bylaw violation

Bylaw officers have issued two fines of $237.50 each and given Graves until the end of August to get rid of the animals, he said.

“They’re demanding that they’re gone or else I’ll keep on getting these fines or go to court and face further trouble,” said Graves.

He said he still doesn’t know what bylaw he is accused of violating.

North Kentville resident Noah Graves has been given until the end of August to get rid of the animals. (Noah Graves)

The tickets issued to his father, the property owner, simply say he has violated a provision of the Municipal Government Act.

The ticket orders him to pay the fine or notify the court in Kentville before Aug. 25 of his intention to appear.

Response from municipality

Trish Javorek, the manager of community development…

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