The Secret Sunburn Defense You’ll Want to Know About This Summer

A CDC study shows that, although people are taking more steps to protect themselves from sunburn, half of all adults and 65.6% of Caucasians (ages 18 to 29), had at least one case of sunburn within the past year. It’s common and people have been dealing with them since the dawn of time, which causes people to ignore the issue. However, only recently have people become conscientious of the risks that accompany sunburns.

The team at, a free online resource for growing aloe plants, making aloe-based gels, and buying the best aloe products on the market, has provided a way for people to avoid those nasty UV rays, cheaply.

The company’s spokesman, Ben Danson, stated:

“Sun exposure levels are going to remain high, especially in our Southwestern states. That’s why it’s so important to create a new drive to implement newer, more effective ways to combat the effects of overexposure to UV rays. Everyone knows that aloe gel is the best treatment for sunburns but they can actually make a great sunscreen as well.”

The team believes that “For sunburns, there is nothing better than aloe vera gel. It’s an antibacterial that can reach deep into the skin because of the aloectin B component, which also stimulates a person’s immune system.”

The team at have dedicated their lives to the thick jelly-like substance and inform people about the many health benefits that come from using and consuming aloe-based products. That’s why Benson and his team have come together to provide people with a simple way to make their own aloe gel to help soothe sunburns this summer.

Make Your Own Aloe Gel

Aloe Sunscreen Ingredients

  • 1/4 cup of virgin olive oil (coconut will also do)
  • 5 teaspoons zinc oxide (usually found in the diaper isle of most…

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