The Orlando: Sleepy Luxury with Hideaway Saltwater

People aren’t interested as much in the big and extravagant anymore. I know I’m not. Smaller properties with character and still hints of extravagance (here and there) are what catch my eye. That’s why I was obsessed with my one night stay at The Orlando Hotel in Beverly Hills.

While the hotel has all of the things you would expect from a Beverly Hills, West Hollywood Hybrid, they have a few extra highlights that make them unique.

Because the hotel is considered Boutique-style, the sophisticated customer service and amenities put them in a league with bigger hotel chains. But the size is mostly why you should stay at The Orlando. In a city such as Los Angeles where everything is big and over-the-top, The Orlando excels at understated luxury that brings class to the art of hospitality in a very old school black and white movie kind of way.

The staff knows your name. They genuinely care about your experience, and they are knowledgeable of the area absent the stereotypical pretensions that come with the zip code. They’re protective, and don’t have a problem sending away solicitors who seek to interrupt the mood and change the ambiance. Aesthetic is everything and The Orlando and with good reason. The lobby looks and feels like the waiting room at a spa. You know you’re about to relax when your name is called, and in the meantime, the wait is a relaxing prequel. That’s what checking into The Orlando was like.

Right on trend with California’s not-so-private opinion of cigarette smoke, The Orlando is a Big Tobacco-free sleepery with a Spa and outdoor saltwater pool. So even in the warmest of temperatures, the hotel is a warm oasis with regulated temps.

The rooms are quiet but beautifully decorated with muted earth tones and higher end marble floors in the bathrooms. They’re comfortable but still expensive-looking which had me feeling like I was staying at a place that was exclusive and inclusive at the same time. Without being too opulent,…

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