The Note: Trump reaches a low even he can’t ignore


  • Few want a tweeter-in-chief: The ABC News-Washington Post poll out this morning shows that 67 percent of Americans don’t like President Trump’s use of Twitter and 70 percent say Trump has acted in an “unpresidential” manner since taking office.
  • Summer slide: A new ABC News-Washington Post poll shows Trump’s six-month approval rating at 36 percent, the lowest of any president at this point in 70 years.
  • More to the meeting … At least eight people were in the room for Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer, CNN reports. That’s four more than he originally said were there. And 63 percent of Americans say it was inappropriate for the younger Trump to take that meeting, according to the ABC-Post poll.
  • No vote, not yet. An unexpected delay for health care, with no CBO score coming today, and Senate leaders delaying action until Sen. John McCain recovers from surgery.
  • It’s “Made in America” week for the White House but will it break through? And what of Ivanka Trump products manufactured abroad?
  • THE TAKE with ABC News’ Rick Klein

    It’s a dismal set of numbers, six months in. President Trump is pronouncing them to be “not bad at this time.” He’s wrong as a historical matter, though not necessarily as a practical one. The president’s 36 percent approval rating in the new ABC-Post poll means he has his base, and that’s basically it. That’s how he is choosing to govern, with a slashing style and regular outrages – as perceived by all those who have been loyal throughout. He is both governing and communicating as if the other two-thirds of the country don’t matter, or matter less than those who elected him. Or maybe he’s just banking on the rest of the country’s getting used to the deception and misdirection, now that the president’s lawyer told ABC News’ Jonathan Karl on “This Week” Sunday that Trump views Robert Mueller’s probe as part of the “witch hunt” he often tweets about. Reading the poll based on how Trump’s inner circle…

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