The Greatest Love Story Ever Told” is a Thorough, Scripture-Based History of Christianity From Genesis to the Present

“His Story: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told”: a potent Scripture-based novelized chronicle of God’s endless and infinite love and care for His people from the dawn of humanity onward. “His Story: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told” is the creation of published author Robert Medford, a retired lieutenant colonel in the US Army.

The story is about a King who yearns for a compatible companion. He starts out by dreaming about His companion, He desires what He dreams, and then He searches her out. He spends a considerable amount of time courting her and letting her know Him. He proposes a union with her marriage and makes a promise to always love and be faithful to her. After additional time of wooing and courting, he makes a wedding contract with her, and they become engaged. When the unfaithful bride-to-be courted another husband, he suffers much pain in redeeming and rescuing her. He forgives her and renews the wedding contract and promises to come soon to claim her. She again commits adultery by serving another suitor. The day that she knew not when arrived, he once again came to save her by destroying her enemies. They were married and went on a very long honeymoon. After the honeymoon, he had to once again fight and destroy all their enemies. When the last enemy was destroyed forever, he took his bride home to the mansion in his kingdom He had prepared for her, and they lived happily ever after. All this is why it is the “Greatest Love Story Ever Told”.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Robert Medford‘s new book is a compelling distillation of God’s often one-sided relationship with humanity from the Garden of Eden until the present.

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