The Great Yoga Divide: Himalayan Yoga Institute

This article is a brief discussion about yoga, and how it works in someone’s life. There is so much to learn in the yoga world. Yoga teacher training is one way into a more rigorous study of yoga. Spiritual coaching is another way in, where you get active guidance and structure.

Yoga is union, and it is yoke. It is essentially the study of the alignment and balance of the total living being. Part of that is learning first that you can put a “yoke” on yourself and your earthly desires for food, sex, material goods, achievements, career advancements, etc. Next is learning to actually have the tapas, the heat, the austerity, to actually apply that yoke and use it on yourself. Then, over time and practice, you learn that you have created a setting for your nervous system and body, that the yoke is always in action, and that you are able to proceed through your life joyfully, not with the strain of staying away from earthly desires. You aren’t worrying about how spiritual you’re being. You aren’t worried about learning yoga asanas. You aren’t worried that you can’t sit upright in meditation for a long time. You have had the strength and courage to believe that with time, you will make it past these learning and reprogramming yoga phases. You have had that strength, and you have made it to the place where you can just be, without distraction, without strain. It will be long after your first  yoga teacher training, long after your first spiritual coaching session. But you will make it there. It will be your beautiful seat, your asana, and you sit there with a perfect balance of flexibility and strength, easing into the pose of peace with your learned discipline in place, yet you don’t think about it, you don’t try to make it work, you don’t have to try, because you have done the work that allows you to be, and it unfolds beautifully.

 You have to have faith in order for this to work. Spiritual coaching can…

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