The dangers and threats from your … food addiction

It’s killing millions of Americans every year, sentencing untold masses of people to lives of misery, pain and suffering, and it’s tearing people away from God.

It’s the American diet, the unhealthy way of life thathas gripped the country, a lifestyle that requires God’s help to break free, says Michael Brown.

Brown, a nationally syndicated talk-show host, well-known author and president of the FIRE School of Ministry, recently recounted the remarkable story of how he broke free of “food addiction” on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural.”

He once lived a bohemian lifestyle involving heavy intake of drugs and said the seemingly banal nature of “food addiction” belies the incredible danger it presents to all Americans.

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“I was addicted to heroin before I was saved,” said Brown. “I was shooting up, and taking LSD, a crazy lifestyle. I was addicted to the needle! I [would have said I] wasn’t addicted to food – although if you pressed me about it and said don’t eat pizza for a week I probably would have gotten the shakes. And I used to have Oreos for breakfast when I was a kid. I had chocolate every day for years. If I didn’t, there would be withdrawal. I didn’t connect it to being ‘addicted.’”

“But were you addicted?” pressed Roth.

“Of course!” exclaimed Brown. “I was a slave!”

Three years ago, Brown worked out regularly, but he was still in a state of physical collapse – only he didn’t know it. He weighed 275 pounds. He had high blood pressure and cholesterol. He also had frequent headaches and back pain, and required the use of a special machine to cope with his sleep apnea.

“I was getting worn out,” said Brown. “And it was all due to years of unhealthy eating.”

Obesity in the United States has become a national crisis. Well over a third of American adults, and over 40 percent of American women, are obese. Even American teenagers are becoming overweight, with over 15 percent characterized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent as obese.

Brown said bad food is so addictive precisely because it is so prevalent. He recounted how recently on an airplane the attendants kept offering chocolate cake, even putting it right under his nose.

“When I got free from cocaine, people didn’t come up to me, putting it right under my nose, asking, ‘Would you like this?’” he joked.

“Our standard American diet is deadly, it has all sorts of junk in it,” Brown charged. “When you have potato chips, the salt, it makes you want have to another one. Oreos actually have addictive qualities in them. A study was done by researchers where they…

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