The Cremation Market is Booming, and so is the Demand for Eco Scattering

Families that visit our funeral home see this urn as an eco-friendly solution for scattering their loved one’s cremated remains.

Cremations recently surpassed traditional burials for the first time in the U.S. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, this trend is expected to continue with over 70% of Americans projected to choose cremation by 2030.

In line with this trend, there is a growing demand for new innovations that enable families to celebrate the life of a lost loved one in different ways using their cremated remains. One such innovation that is rising in popularity comes from Colorado based Element Urns, which has rethought the practice of scattering ashes with the development of its delightfully simple, yet highly functional bamboo scattering urn, Eco Scattering™. The patent pending Eco Scattering™ has quickly become a leading scattering urn of choice of families and funeral homes due to its unique design and eco-friendly approach.

Mark Brewer, Element Urns President, commented, “Eco Scattering is a unique scattering urn with a number of important advantages. In addition to being all-natural and handcrafted from bamboo, a sustainable resource, it is the only biodegradable scattering urn on the market that gives families the ability to safely transport cremated remains and scatter with control at multiple locations or with multiple participants without the risk of spilling. This is made possible by our proprietary open and close locking top that was developed specifically for Eco Scattering. Other biodegradable urns are either made out of paper or cardboard and are not nearly as sturdy, or are wood boxes with an entire side that simply opens to pour out ashes. Eco Scattering is the only bio urn…

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