The Club at Ibis Awarded Top Honors as America’s Healthiest Club

The Club at Ibis has achieved the highest numeric score to date.

The Club at Ibis announced that it has been recognized for another prestigious industry award, one of America’s Healthiest Clubs. After an extensive onsite evaluation and a comprehensive Health Report™, Rick Ladendorf, Founder and President of America’s Healthiest Clubs, announced that The Club at Ibis has exceeded the numeric score of every club assessed to date. “Quite an accomplishment,” Mr. Ladendorf said, “as there are a number of great clubs that share the designation and over sixty private clubs who have qualified.”

Prevo Health Solutions, based out of California, is the premier wellness solutions provider and experts in the club industry and producer of America’s Healthiest Clubs. Their system recognizes and evaluates criteria that would make a healthy club, and includes:

  • Executive level commitment to wellness for both members and staff.
  • Robust recreational and fitness member programming.
  • Healthy menu options and healthy employee meals.
  • Amenities that promote and support active healthy lifestyles.

Interviews were conducted with the club’s department heads, including the general manager, chef, food & beverage manager, fitness director, membership & marketing director, events coordinator, and human resources director.

“There most certainly has been a trend in the private club industry to provide superior fitness facilities, healthy dining options, and innovative programming. We make every attempt to personalize our members’ preferences to keep them active and engaged,” said John Jorritsma, Ibis’s Director of Sales & Marketing.

Mr. Ladendorf shared his overall assessment in a statement: “Integrity, Belonging,…

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