The Alchemist book teaches the reader to learn to be successful

The Alchemist written by Paulo Coelho’s is the perfect example of the phrase “good things come in small packages”. This simple tale expresses a great inspirational and powerful message. It is published first in Portuguese in 1988, it is known as a modern classic.

The term Alchemy came from the Arabic word al-kimia. The term al-kimia means ancient practice focusing on the attempt to change the base metals and convert it to gold. It includes the enhancement of the alchemist and the creation of several products described as having unusual properties.

The protagonist of the story is a young shepherd who has a simple life and was known as Santiago. The king teaches this boy the importance of reading the symbol even if it appears in his dreams. He is looking for a treasure hidden and as he searches for it he was brought to the country borders.

Because of this he was able to meet both deceitful and noblest human being. He knows how important persistence and hard work is, how vital humility is and how essential the honour and bravery is. In the story the most touching part is Santiago’s connection with the crystal merchant who is afraid to continue with his dreams for fear of not succeeding.

The young boy’s overcoming hardship inspired all those who come in contact with him. Santiago’s search for the hidden treasure continues. Coelho presents the idea of one’s destiny or Personal Legend.

It described that destiny is not a simple thing to achieve you need to find ways to have it. The readers of the book The Alchemist believes that if you ask for something long enough with clean intentions then that wish will be granted. Working hard for what you want is the key to achieving it.

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