The Alamo Drafthouse Won July Again With “JAWS On the Water”

Every summer the Alamo Drafthouse holds “Jaws On the Water” events in Austin, Texas. At these one-of-a-kind screenings, attendees are invited to watch the greatest shark movie ever made from open water (Well, sort of open. It’s surrounded by a dock.). This year, the newly-minted Birth. Movies. Death. Events presented the series, which has run for the duration of July. Much like the “On the Water” screening of The Shallows that I attended last year, this year’s screening was equally as fun and eventful. Even better is that this year screenings were added for Jaws 2Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge (that last one was a Master Pancake screening, of course). Rather than see Jaws, however, I jumped at the chance to see Jaws 2, my personal favorite installment in the franchise, on the water.

“But Trace, why are you going to waste your time seeing Jaws 2? Why don’t you see the much better Jaws?“, you may ask (I know some readers just jumped down to the comments to start tearing me apart). That is an excellent question. While I do agree that Jaws is the best entry in the series in terms of quality, Jaws 2 is actually the entry that I would re-watch at any given moment. You see, Jaws 2 is the first Jaws film I ever saw (yes, I saw it before I saw the first one), and as much as I love the original, Jaws 2 is simply a more fun film. I mean it turns into a slasher movie for the last 40 minutes for God’s sake. Sure, it is the epitome of the bloated sequel (it could stand to have about 20 minutes shaved off of its runtime), Jeannot Szwarc’s direction is nowhere near as strong as Steven Spielberg’s and Jaws 2 clearly has a much less original script. All of that being said I still can’t help but love the damn thing. That’s why I chose to see “Jaws 2 On the Water” instead of…

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