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You Can Reduce The Stress In Your Life

Monday, April 17th, 2017:

You may hear people say things like, “I am so stressed!” or “I am stress out!” and sometimes it seems like the term is thrown about indiscriminately. The truth is that stress is a major problem in our society. As life has become faster and debts have become deeper, pressures have increased and people are becoming more stressed. However, literally millions of people, in the United States alone, suffer from stress. To put it into perspective, it is estimated that $ 300 billion, or $ 7.500 per employee, is spent each year in the U.S. on compensation claims that are […] Read More →

Diet, Nutrition & How to reduce weight

Sunday, March 5th, 2017:

A balanced weight is an essential element of optimal health. The quantum you munch, what do you munch has main roles in keeping a healthy weight or reducing weight. The other key factor is Exercise. Till few years back, diets low in fats were considered as the top way to reduce weight. A growing says that diets low in fats often are less effective, partially because these diets regularly replaces fat with simple carbohydrates. There are many promising diet charts or diet plans that gives you assurance of fast weight loss. Some of these diet plans includes GM Diet, cabbage […] Read More →

Time Management Will Help Reduce Stess

Monday, February 27th, 2017:

Time management is basically about being focused. The Pareto Principle also known as the ’80:20 Rule’ states that 80% of efforts that are not time managed or unfocused generates only 20% of the desired output. However, 80% of the desired output can be generated using only 20% of a well time managed effort. Although the ratio ’80:20′ is only arbitrary, it is used to put emphasis on how much is lost or how much can be gained with time management. Some people view time management as a list of rules that involves scheduling of appointments, goal settings, thorough planning, creating […] Read More →

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