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How Free Download Music Sites Can Offer a P2P File Sharing Program

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017:

If you are looking online for a P2P file sharing program you can find one on any number of free download music sites. Many would claim P2P music downloads to be illegal, and most of the time they would be right, but peer to peer file sharing is not intrinsically illegal, and it would be wrong to claim it to be so. Certainly, the large music conglomerates will claim them to be so and some would tend to support them in that accusation, particularly the producers and artists, but it is not, in fact, illegal for two people to share […] Read More →

Ambient Music — Nature’s Sounds Put To Music

Friday, May 12th, 2017:

It’s often playing in the places you go. Whether it’s in an art gallery, a unique specialty shop, or a restaurant, ambient music creates a mood. This music genre has seen a growth in popularity in the last 30 years. Ambient music relies on sound and sound patterns. It does not rely on formal, traditional musical elements in its composition. While it may include these, it is open to bending or completely doing away with any rules. Ambient music is atmospheric in nature, in the sense that it creates an atmosphere of sound to arouse the senses. It often uses […] Read More →

Start your music career with a Sound Recording Studio

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017:

Do you dream of being the next Jay-Z? Are you cut out to be as a big as Adele? Maybe you’ve got the talent of Rihanna, combined with the style of Jessie J? If you’re ready to launch yourself on the music scene, a sound recording studio can be a great starting point. A fully equipped sound recording studio will give you your first taste of life as a recording artist. Whether you’re recording your own songs or performing cover versions of your favorite tunes, you’ll be able to get the best from your voice with the technically advanced recording […] Read More →

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