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Gospel Truth Produces An Abundant Life of Jesus Power in the Kingdom of God

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017:

This is Gospel Coaching Session 1. The purpose of these 5-6 minute coaching sessions is to give you one major gospel truth to dominate your thinking like God says the gospel must. Paul says the gospel is the power of God, and we must live in it. The gospel fulfills the word of God in us, and produces God’s presence and power through us. The gospel empowers us to live life better by accident than we ever could on purpose — in our human drive and ingenuity. THE GOSPEL MUST BE CENTRAL FOCUS IN OUR LIVES This is the thought […] Read More →

How Atherosclerosis Can Shorten Your Life

Monday, May 22nd, 2017:

Your arteries deliver blood to your heart and throughout your body. Normally, the flow is clear and unobstructed. However, if plaque develops on the inside of the arterial wall, that flow will be impeded. If the blockage grows to a point where blood cannot effectively reach your heart, the muscle can become starved of oxygen and sustain damage. The consequences can include a heart attack or a stroke. The formation of the plaque on the inner arterial wall is called atherosclerosis. One of the reasons it is debilitating is due to the slow, often unnoticed, development of the blockage. In […] Read More →

Fitting A Fitness Program Into Your Busy Life

Saturday, May 20th, 2017:

It is pretty easy to set goals about attaining personal fitness. It is not quite as easy to achieve reaching those goals that you have set without the right education. The following information is packed with helpful advice and information about methods to help you reach the goals that you have set. In order to maximize your fitness routine, be sure to always stretch. Stretching will help to prevent injury. Many times you may think that you do not have to stretch, or that if your exercise is light enough that your body will stretch itself. This is never the […] Read More →

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