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Here’s A Quick Guide To The Installation of Flexible Track Lighting

Saturday, May 13th, 2017:

Flexible track lighting has achieved so much fame; nowadays you would encounter it in a lot of public areas like restaurants, museums, art galleries, family festivities, libraries and conference rooms. After making a decision to go by the idea of installing the flexible track, keep the following things in mind which will help to finish the work easily. – Determine how much track you’re seeking– Whether you are running the track along nooks of the room in which case you require connectors also– Determine whether you need electrical power at the starting, middle or ending of the track– If combining […] Read More →

Learn The Best Guide To Filmmaking

Saturday, May 6th, 2017:

Are you creative and have an interest in getting your unique ideas on film? Are you a beginner and have no knowledge in getting started? Or are you an expert in film making already but would like to implement new skills and techniques to make your work stand out? Well, look no further. There is a simple manual out there in the market for people who want to learn more about filmmaking. What is it called you may ask? It is the ultimate guide to filmmaking called: Lights, Camera, Action. This E-book is an ultimate steal in starting your filmmaking […] Read More →

A Complete Guide To Analog Synthesizers

Sunday, April 30th, 2017:

An analog synthesizer is an instrument that uses analog circuits and analog computer techniques to create sound electronically. A very specific form of this synthesizer was the analog vocoder, which is based on equipment developed for speech synthesis. This hugely popular musical instrument can be used both as a sound generating and a sound processing system. A brief history of Analog Synthesizers Trautonium is the earliest synthesizer, which used a variety of valve and electro mechanical technologies. It was invented in 1928. Early versions of this instrument used technology, which was derived from electronic analog computers and laboratory test equipment. […] Read More →

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