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Thai Labor Protection Act & Employment Law

Thursday, May 18th, 2017:

The Labor Protection Act of 1998 (LPA) and the Civil Commercial Code (CCC) are primarily responsible for administering labor protection laws in Thailand. In other words, the rights and duties pertaining to the employer and employee are governed by series of a laws and procedures. Apart from Labor Protection Act BE 2541 (1998) and Thai Civil and Commercial Code, the laws in connection with Thai labor issues cover Labor Relations Act BE 2518 (AD 1975), Provident Fund Act BE 2530 (AD 1987), Social Security Act BE (AD 1900), and Workmen’s Compensation Act BE 2537 (AD 1994.) The Ministry of Labor […] Read More →

Church Employment Simple if job seekers try to avoid few mistakes they generally make

Monday, May 15th, 2017:

Several individuals seeking Church Employment chances make quite a lot of faults whenever they are searching a new job. You must be exploring a position at a Christian church is not much dissimilar than seeking a conventional job. Numerous of the similar policies apply, but there are additional mistakes that Christians make whenever they are in search of a new church job. A number of churches do not recognize how to employ new people moreover ! A few mistakes are explained below that people make while searching for a church job: 1. This is an awful manner to obtain a […] Read More →

Tips On Getting A Royal Caribbean Cruise Employment

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017:

Do you have the flexibility to be away from home several months of the year? Do you love to travel? Do you enjoy helping people find adventure? If “yes” is the answer to the above questions then Royal Caribbean Cruise Employment might be the right option for you! Know more about Royal Caribbean Cruise Employment. There are several benefits to looking into employment with Royal Caribbean Cruise line. First, you are aware that a reputable company is employing you. Royal Caribbean has been in business since 1968. With almost fifty years in business, you know that you are with a […] Read More →

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