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Galgotias University – A New World of Education

Friday, February 24th, 2017:

Galgotias University, which includes a multitude of colleges and institutions like Galgotias Business School, Galgotias College of Engineering and Galgotias Institute of Management under its umbrella, was established in the year 2011. The university endeavours to make leaders instilling in their students attributes like analytical and reasoning skills, great communication skills and proficiency in various other areas that help them succeed in the competitive global world. With a multidisciplinary approach that stresses on active learning, Galgotias University is considered to be an excellent centre of learning and innovation. The university offers outstanding faculty that comes from the various parts of […] Read More →

This education is different from other education, basically Entrepreneur Education mind creativity education.

Monday, February 20th, 2017:

Any type of education is compulsory for the people, to grow up their future. All the progress in this world happened due to education. Education is the basic need of our life, without education nobody achieve their goal. Now in these days uncountable educational institute available in the market, those provide the services in different type of projects. All the types of education beneficial for the people, but due to present condition of the world and ups and down; we need to get the education of this type that make our future. Business education is very necessary for your future, […] Read More →

ONLINE EDUCATION (Bachelor of Science in Psychology)

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017:

A Bachelor of Science in Psychology program provides students with general education in theoretical perspectives related to the field; it does not offer professional training. Students who obtain a B.S. degree in psychology may work in mental health facilities, government or business, but they will not be qualified for jobs as professional psychologists without further education.Are you someone who works closely with people and wants to gain insight into human behavior? Our Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree program can give you a solid foundation into the cognitive and affective processes that underlie human development and behavior — so you […] Read More →

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