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Artificial Intelligence as a tool of education

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool of education has unimaginably high potential. Artificial Intelligence as a discipline, at least in the form and shape we have come to associate it with, has come a long way from its inception a few decades ago. In the simplest terms, AI is the intelligence used by machines to perform predesignated tasks. From the earliest times, when in its rudimentary form, it was used to make machines carry out mechanical tasks, it is now used to power automobiles, help launch rockets, and do a host of other things down to the level of PDA’s. […] Read More →

ONLINE EDUCATION (Programming Degree)

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017:

Programming is a subject that exposes you to the capabilities of computers and how to use them to develop powerful applications. Programming is executed through many different kinds of languages. Some programs such as Microsoft Excel and Matlab are designed to reduce the amount of programming needed to generate results. In other contexts, such as when a company is developing a system to track employee performance, programming skills are needed to integrate and modify existing pieces of software. Some of the most intriguing programming tasks involve developing entirely new applications and products in cases where programming allows you to directly […] Read More →

Improve your memory through Cognitive education

Sunday, April 9th, 2017:

Cognitive education is an influential way that gives us various methods of knowledge. One cannot understand about the cognitive learning from reading through websites on internet. The significance of cognitive education is demonstrated from this learning. It is defined as the attainment of knowledge and ability by cerebral or cognitive processes. This process is used for manipulating information in our heads. These processes also include psychological illustrations of physical substances and events and other ways of processing information. The learning in education is generally defined as a method that carry’s cognitive, emotional, and environmental influences and knowledge for enhancing the […] Read More →

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