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Bankruptcy Advice Every Consumer Should Know In Advance

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017:

Even when faced with dire financial consequences, many people fear the prospect of filing personal bankruptcy. The key to defeating what can, often be, crippling anxiety is familiarizing yourself with the process and its potential benefits. Use the tips in this article to alleviate your fears and do what is necessary to get a fresh financial start. Trying to exclude family members you owe money to before filing for personal bankruptcy can get you into serious hot water. The court will look into who you pay-off as far as a year back, and if they find you showing favor to […] Read More →

Consumer Court Bangalore

Saturday, May 20th, 2017:

A contract is defined as liability on either party to perform an obligation for a certain consideration. In simpler words, when a consumer makes payment to a product or service, the manufacturer or the producer becomes equally liable to produce the product or service of a certain quality or usage value. The simplicity of this buyer-seller relationship is made equally complicated on the application part in India. The contract law is therefore the most abused of the commercial laws in India. However The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 makes sure that the contract law doesn’t remain abused anymore. The consumer forums […] Read More →

Madhya Pradesh Consumer Court to Redress your Issue

Monday, May 8th, 2017:

Madhya Pradesh consumer court is set up to redress the grievances of customers located in the state. The main objective of the court is to protect the rights of the customers and eliminate unfair trade practices. The court will not just protect the customers, but also promote their rights and help them to fight for it. When you are looking for an option to file a complaint in the consumer court, you will find a three level structure in front of you. These are the National level, State level and District level courts. If the case is dealing with services […] Read More →

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