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Audio Books: A New Way To Look At Reading

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017:

What is an Audio Book? Educators are constantly innovating and modifying the way lessons are taught to children. The challenges of physical handicap like blindness is now overcome with the emergence of new education strategies. An audio book is an alternative form of books. From the word ‘audio’, you could almost instantly tell that audio books involve the task of listening. Indeed, it is true. Audio books are actually books that are read aloud and recorded. Through audio book, a person who is not literate can also enjoy the content and the knowledge contained in a given book. Authors and […] Read More →

Philosophy Books of Gabriel Marcel About Human Existence and Peace

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017:

Philosophy BooksPhilosophy Books of Gabriel Marcel About Human Existence and Peace People who wrestle world of philosophy at least he will have a coherent thought pattern, coherent, radix (get to the root of the problem), comprehensive and integral. He would say if anything was going to say is the result of contemplation and thought processes are mature. The answer he gave about everything is very deep, touching and logical. So if we conclude, then people who do philosophy is always about WHAT not HOW. For those of you who want to plunge into the world of philosophy, then we recommend […] Read More →

Are There Anger Management Books ?

Friday, May 19th, 2017:

Anger management is used in many programs and situations. There are thousands of resources for those affected by frustration, anger, depression, ADHD and emotional swings. Beside support groups, individual counseling sessions and treatment centres, there are quite a few anger management books on the market to help people deal with anger-related issues. There are anger management books written focusing on different groups such as children, teenagers, adults, men, women, couples, families and anyone else who is involved in situations which may require anger management advice. Because of these diverse needs, anger management books are written to be understood by the […] Read More →

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