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Guide to Basics of Snowboarding

Friday, April 21st, 2017:

More and more people turn to snowboarding each year, irrelevant of age or gender. Snowboarding has become in a way the modern version of skiing; it allows you the freedom of movement and expression on the slopes something that you can never achieve with skiing. Learning Snowboarding Most of the snowboarding enthusiasts are also surfers, skaters or windsurfers and for them snowboarding does not hold many mysteries but the fact that there is solid ground under the snow. However there are many beginners as well and some of them have never skied, surfed and windsurfed ever; for them and not […] Read More →

Wicca basics and Paganism

Saturday, April 8th, 2017:

Wicca & WitchcraftWicca is a belief system and way of life based upon the reconstruction of pre-Christian traditions originating in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Witchcraft in ancient history was known as “The Craft of the Wise” because most who followed the path were in tune with the forces of nature, had a knowledge of Herbs and medicines, gave council and were valuable parts of the village and community as Shamanic healers and leaders. They understood that mankind is not superior to nature, the earth and its creatures but instead we are simply one of the many parts, both seen and […] Read More →

Hearing Aid Maintenance Basics

Monday, March 27th, 2017:

Your hearing aid is your auditory window to the world. You rely on it to stay connected – to communicate and be communicated with. Besides the social value of your hearing aid to you, your hearing aid has a considerable monetary value. It is a delicate instrument that must be properly cared for. Hearing aid maintenance is something you need to master to make your existing hearing aid last longer. A neglected hearing aid may not function properly. Cleaning Your Hearing Aid Cleaning is an important part of hearing aid maintenance. Inspect your hearing aid immediately upon removing it. Wipe […] Read More →

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