Surprising and Amazing Accessory-the Tablet

It seems that many people think tablets are accessory and they refuse to buy any; however, they are now proved to be very useful accessory. More and more industries have been built in the past one year’s time and more and more people now begin to possess tablets. And people are making use of those tablets very well. Many people use their tablets to browse and send emails when traveling around, some use them to deal with their work or study in other ways.

Something quite surprising and amazing happened during the year of 2011: at the beginning of last, you could hardly see many people possessing Android tablet however, when at the end of the year od 2011, many of the people around you, no matter business owners as well as ordinary working class or even students are equipped with tablets. Something ridiculous happened recently: many people hold the view that a tablet is just a netbook. However, it is very wrong to think so. A tablet has the functions of both mobile phones and laptops and it is smaller, lighter, and easier to carry out. And the price is in between a phone and a laptop. It is an integration of phones and laptops with a reasonable price. But netbooks are nothing better than a phone or a laptop. It is slower and smaller.

The only good about it is it is cheaper. A large number of new Android tablets have appeared on the world market and be bought by so many people in such short time than people cannot help wondering whether the year of 2012 is a year of tablets. In my opinion, it is true. More and more every day citizens are purchasing tablets and making good use of them, this is the clearest sign that tablets are dominating the electronic markets worldwide. Besides, the technology behind Android tablets is be developed faster than ever. When tablets were started being produced, there was only dual core processors available, but now many tablets have high end processors.

Google and other competent companies are about to release newer and more…

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