Summer Driving Safety for Teens

Teen driving can be scary for any parent, especially when their child first gets their license. Tim Hollister, Author and Safety Advocate, knows this first-hand by living through a parent’s worst nightmare. His teenage son was killed in a crash, becoming part of the shocking statistic that the No. 1 cause of death for teenagers is car crashes.

Since then, Hollister has honored his son’s memory by turning his personal tragedy into a public service in order to help educate parents and their teens about safer practices for young drivers and that there is no such thing as a safe teen driver.

Not So Fast: Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving

Providing advice to parents, guardians, and other adults who supervise teen drivers about the critical decisions that must be made before getting behind the wheel of a car, this book will help empower and guide parents of the more than three million teens obtaining new driver’s licenses annually in the United States. Author and parent Tim Hollister proves that supervision before driving is every bit as important to lowering crash rates as teaching teens how to turn at a busy intersection. Parents will learn priceless information in teaching teenagers how to evaluate the circumstances of every driving trip, how to be able to say “no” when necessary, how to prepare a “flight plan” for each drive, and how to put safety before convenience. Parents will also benefit by understanding the real dangers and risks in teen driving by recognizing the limits of driver training programs and will thus become more informed and proactive in their supervisory role. Proceeds from sales will support a memorial fund—set up in honor of Hollister’s son, Reid, who was killed in an automobile accident in 2006—which subsidizes infant and toddler education in greater Hartford, Connecticut, and other worthy traffic safety causes.

Most driving literature for parents focuses on how to teach a teen to drive, without…

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