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‘What to Say Next’ by Julie Buxbaum Picture — Pictures courtesy of Greenwillow Books via AFPNEW YORK, July 25 — Lazy summer days are ahead, and the avid readers among us — including those of the younger generation — will be looking to spend them with a beloved book in hand. From high-school romance to spy-school murder, the Young Adult literary genre has plenty to offer readers this summer. These five recently released titles have been causing a buzz in literary circles of all ages.

Megan Whalen Turner, ‘Thick as Thieves’

This much-awaited (seven years after her last publication) standalone novel is set in Megan Whalen Turner’s fictional world of The Queen’s Thief, and is a masterclass in politics and precise character building.

Publisher’s Weekly gives Whalen Turner a glowing review, praising the way she “fills out and enriches the expansive canvas on which she stitches her epic tale.”

Sarah J. Maas, ‘A Court of Wings and Ruin’

Maas’s third and final instalment in her A Court of Thorns and Roses series, which has left fans open-mouthed in shock (no spoilers here), praising the writer’s skill with plot twists and evoking empathy.

Cale Dietrich, ‘The Love Interest’

‘The Love Interest’ by Cale Dietrich.This YA novel is a LGBTQ twist on the classic spy plot/love triangle involving young men trained as spies to seduce their chosen targets. Publisher’s Weekly describes Dietrich’s debut as “impressive, provocative, and a clever take on well-worn romantic tropes.”

Cath Crowley, ‘Words in Deep Blue’

A tearjerker for those who love romance and books, “Words in Deep Blue is another YA winner from the award-winning Australian writer Cath Crowley also known for her Gracie Faltrain series.

Julie Buxbaum, ‘What to Say Next’

‘What to Say Next’ by Julie Buxbaum.The New York Times best-selling author of Tell Me Three Things has published another heartwarming and…

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