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Next month, Hoover High School will welcome the community to Studio 525, a new student-run art gallery inside the high school.

NORTH CANTON A year ago, a small room in Hoover High School stood dark and unadorned, used mainly as a passthrough between the hallway and the busy art classrooms behind. 

Now, that space is bright with (faux) hardwood floors and a growing collection of art on display. 

Next month, Hoover High School will welcome the community to Studio 525, a new student-run art gallery inside the high school. 

The gallery is the combined effort of Christopher Triner, chair of the North Canton City School District art department, and his students.

“We had this awkward room that never really had a purpose,” Triner said, noting that Studio 525 was once a room with typewriters for secretaries. “We thought it would be neat to have a K-through-12 art gallery. That’s how we came up with this.”

Studio 525 allows North Canton art students to display their work in a professional gallery. 

It’s also an opportunity for high school art students to learn the real-world work of being an artist, Triner said.

“They’ll know, beginning to end, how to operate an art gallery. They’ll learn to curate their own show,” he said.


At the end of the last school year, Triner received a $1,000 grant from the North Canton City Schools Education Endowment Fund. 

The grant was seed money for the studio — enough to get things rolling. Students pitched in to help the gallery come to fruition. 

They worked together to come up with a name — 525 reflects Hoover’s address (525 7th St. NE) — and had a “New York” feel, Triner said.

“I think the kids were Hoovered out,” he laughed.

Students picked out the (faux) hardwood floors and poured over paint samples for the wall.

Kaylee Smith, a Hoover senior and graphic artist, designed the studio logo and flyers for the upcoming senior show. 

Carley Frank, another Hoover senior, designed T-shirts and sweatshirts and did publicity for the gallery with the help of her dad.

Students sold the shirts to raise funds for the gallery. Folks jumped at the chance to buy one, Frank said. 

On Fridays, they see teachers sporting the Studio 525 shirts, Frank said, adding that some said they were happy to have something orange-and-black that wasn’t sports related.

“Definitely the support has been really great,” she said.

The Hoover Sideliners, the district’s booster club, provided almost matching funds, Triner said.

He also approached other community organizations for assistance, and the school district paid for upgraded lighting. The district’s other art teachers have offered suggestions and assistance.

The studio borrowed a smart TV from the video production department to allow students to display and critique their digital portfolios. Triner is still looking for donations to purchase one for the gallery.

One of the biggest donations to the gallery was…

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