Stay Safe with Close Combat Training

Have you ever been on a night out and felt worried that you could be burgled? Are you lacking self confidence and feel that you are a target to potential troublemakers? Worry no more – with close combat training you can eliminate all doubt from your problems and live a stress-free life without feeling like a vulnerable target.


With close combat training, you will learn how to protect and defend yourself against any potential danger. You will be taught a number of different techniques that will build your self-belief and allow you to make the right decisions in a dangerous situation.


Close combat training is becoming a worldwide sport and today, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) – the biggest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) company in the world – base their skill set around various techniques of Muay Thai, Karate, Grappling, Jiu Jitsu and Boxing and Wrestling. You will be using aspects of all six in your learning of close combat training and will become familiar with how to position yourself from an immediate attack and how to get the best from your strongest attributes.


With Muay Thai, you will learn how to effectively use elbow and knee strikes to your advantage. You will learn how to elbow spike, how to deliver rear elbow shots and you will gain a full understanding of Muay Thai kick boxing.


You will learn how to drive in with a jab for maximum impact and your instincts will become stronger than you ever imagined. You will become an expert in counter attacking and will also learn how to side step an on-coming assault.


Close combat training changes people’s lives. All self-doubt you had previously will now be removed and your new self-belief will spearhead your new found confidence. You will no longer feel threatened around potential problems and will feel prepared to deal with any surprise attacks.


With experience of close combat training, you will now be able to protect your loved ones and will no longer feel the need…

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