St George father suing Roma Cities club

At the Brain Injury Unit being visited by family. Photo: Supplied

When Liam Cullen woke up in a Queensland hospital after he was knocked unconscious during a rugby league game, he didn’t recognise his newborn daughter.

He is now suing Roma Cities Rugby League Football Club and one of its players after an alleged “swinging arm tackle” during a game at St George, Queensland in 2014 left him with neurocognitive deficits, post-traumatic headaches, mental health disorders and balance issues.

The father-of-three’s solicitor Nick Hart of Shine Lawyers alleged there were some “comparisons to be drawn” from Mr Cullen’s incident and Sia Soliola’s high tackle on Billy Slater at the weekend.

“Liam did watch the game over the weekend and his comment to me was it sent shivers down his spine and it really hit him at home,” he said.

“Liam doesn’t really remember much of his incident and that is probably fortunate for him because it was very traumatic.

“These tackles can go one of either ways: you can be lucky like Billy and walk away or at the other end you can be left with very serious conditions like Liam has.”

It was on July 27 and in the second half of a match between St George and Roma Cities that Mr Cullen, playing for St George, had possession of the ball and ran towards the try line.

An ambulance took Liam Cullen off the field at Rowdens Park in St George in July 2014. Photo: Supplied

In a Statement of Claim delivered to the Supreme Court on Monday, it is alleged a player ran at Mr Cullen and allegedly swung his right arm at him, making contact directly with Mr Cullen’s head, in what the documents have called a “breach of the playing rules of rugby league”.

The hit knocked Mr Cullen unconscious and he was rushed to St George hospital and airlifted to Princess Alexandra hospital, where he remained for more than three weeks.

He has since lost…

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