Spirituality 103, the Third and Final Book of the Award-Winning Series of the School of Life, Will Be Released This Coming May

Author Ivan Figueroa-Otero, MD has done it again, offering his readers an extraordinary final journey into the comings and goings of the School of Life. In this third and final book of the trilogy, he relies again on his unique insight as a scientist and a spiritual researcher with a heavy religious upbringing to develop a guide to help us get rid of the concept of guilt. With “Spirituality 103: The Forgiveness Code: Finding the Light in our Shadows”, he introduces the internal battle of our Warriors of Light and Shadows, who in the end are one and the same, and how the victory decodes the coordinates for our journey back to our origins.

San Juan, PR – April 2017 – “The warrior who does not understand where he comes from and who he is feels lost in an unending battle with time and change, that he has created with his habits. He also suffers a disagreement with other beings regarding what happiness is.” After the success of his first two books, Dr. Figueroa-Otero pens an eye-opening guide to self-introspection and forgiveness to conclude his School of Life trilogy. Spirituality 103: The Forgiveness Code: Finding the Light in our Shadows tells the story of the Warriors of Light, their encounter with the Warriors of Shadows, and the battle that will determine whether the Warrior of Light will get the coordinates needed to return to the Light, the forgiveness code. Of course, all of these concepts refer to our soul, and how we deal with emotions, guilt, and other obstacles in our spiritual journey.

The book is the third in the Spirituality Of The School Of Life series, preceded by Spirituality 101 and 1.2. The author received many reviews and awards for his two previous books by organizations like the National Indie Excellence Awards, Reader’s Favorites, USA Best Book Awards, Storyfinds, Focus On Women magazine and the Kirkus Book Review, among others. In its initial reviews, Spirituality 103 was chosen as a Global Change Maker by Be Magazine.

Missy Crutchfield and Melissa Turner, founders, and editors of Gandhi’s Be Magazine say in their article about Spirituality 103: Dr. Ivan Figueroa-Otero writes of a journey of love, compassion, and forgiveness we must all take as we truly embrace our inner Warrior of Light. It is easy to identify the ‘enemies’ out there, but real change will not show up […] until we transform the ‘enemy’ we have created within, and often over the course of a lifetime. This is the power of forgiveness and reconciliation that Mahatma Gandhi taught us in his philosophy of nonviolence, and this is the profound lesson of forgiveness and reprogramming that Dr. Ivan Figueroa-Otero so eloquently introduces us to in Spirituality 103.”

Here are some of the other reviews praising Spirituality 103: Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC, Psychotherapist, Ordained Metaphysician and Author…

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