Spiritual Prosperity – How Do I Overcome My Struggle?

Rosario’s parents raised her to believe in spirituality, God and divinities. Now a young lady, Rosario meditates, prays and hopes everyday. But despite Rosario’s deep religiosity and her divine practices-Rosario still feels a whole in her heart. Rosario is estranged from the world outside her religious reality.

This is a classic example of religiosity gone wrong. Sometimes practicing religious people, such as rabbis, priests, church volunteers and others who serve the churches of their gods, seem to be spiritually abundant because of their proximity to their god. Accordingly, they are treading a path to gaining spiritual prosperity because of their close affinity to doing church work and serving their congregations. But serving one’s church and practicing what has become customary, like prayers and masses, is not half of what spiritual prosperity actually means.

Spiritual prosperity is more of the introspective viewing of one’s life and serving those who are in need. This doesn’t mean that we might as well drop like hot potatoes all our religious acts. What I’m trying to say is that spiritual prosperity is not confined to the four corners of our churches. Introspection for one, involves taking a deeper look into ourselves and pointing out the purpose of our desires, whether or not it is for personal gain or for the benefit of the many. If the purpose is for the common good, then that is an aspect of spiritual prosperity-but take note, that is only a glimpse of it.

Spiritual prosperity is believing then acting on that belief. Ask anyone what they understand about prosperity, and he/she will answer in a snap-MONEY, and the lack of it is the opposite of prosperity. Perhaps, the financial crisis that many experience today is contributed to this belief. But who can blame the ordinary human being?

The financial crisis is so solid that many are consciously aware of the fear of losing everything. But money is not prosperity. Rather the conviction that whatever you lack and the act that springs from that conviction is prosperity. Where’s the spiritual in that?

Well, it is spiritual in so far as you are now getting in touch with the faculties you have-the faculties that are wholly sculpted and created according to the resemblance of your god. Because you are now sentient of your faculties, you have the power to carry out these faculties by helping others-that is gaining spiritual prosperity in essence.

But what are the signs that you are careworn with your spiritual prosperity? I do not know of a definite answer. But what I do know is that such struggles appear in diverse forms. Let me cite a few:

1) Yoga, meditations and prayers are part of your daily routine-and so is acting negatively. Amidst your daily meditation, you cannot help but be cruel to the world whenever you have issues.

2) Your breakfast is anger, your lunch is frustration and your dinner is depression-even though you are with your family and love ones. Your unresolved issues, which you choose to hide as personal skeletons in your closet, can in part be blamed for this. Simply, you are not happy because you fail to attain the goals they have for you.

3) You are immersed in your own little universe-much worse, is that you do not feel like you have no cause to help others. Why help others when you have your own problems to resolve?

4) You are so much into technology and gadgets that you have become at odds with the natural world. The media has control over you-you become stressed by what you see and what you lack according to the media. Material attachment is definitely out of sync with spiritual prosperity.

5) Blaming others is the name of your game when you go wrong. Whether it was really their fault or not, you welter in blaming people. If your not blaming others, you succumb to self-pity for being caught in the situation.

Found yourself in one or more of the situations mentioned? Perhaps you are struggling with your spiritual prosperity. However, do not be vexed! These struggles can be dealt with through practices of spiritual prosperity. Below is a list of such spiritual practices. This list does not have everything you would like to do since, you, like other people, may have your own spiritual prosperity exercises. The goal here is to give you the essence of such spiritual prosperity practices so that you can understand how spiritual prosperity works.

1) Work on the aspects of your emotional character. If there is more love, more care, more kindness you can share-by all means, do so! When you augment your capacity for these positive attitudes, you also increase your likeness to your god’s image.

2) Take happiness in every little thing, be it a small token of appreciation from another person, a useless gift or a single bud opening in the morning dew. What is all the wealth in the world if you are not happy? You may be rich in material things-but you are not prosperous at all. You may constantly worry about barriers, and by doing so, you hamper yourself from gaining spiritual prosperity.

3) Believe in something positive, no matter how minute it is. Having something positive to believe in, regardless of whether it is religious or not, makes you more optimistic towards other things. And you know what? Positivity is highly contagious-in fact, it makes other people positive within a 1-mile radius.

4) Stop blaming others and stop complaining about them too. Blaming and complaining are negative behaviors-and spiritual prosperity stays clear away from negative behaviors. Blame others and complain about other people-and you unreservedly do the same to their god whom they are made in likeness.

5) Define your personal life. Let not external forces, much less other people, control you. You are the master of yourself. Others may define prosperity in material things, but that doesn’t mean you have to think the same. Instead, focus more on the definition you want to create around yourself. If you are street cleaner-be glad, that is a decent work. If you have only twenty dollars in your wallet-be thankful, it may be more than what others have.

6) Think that you need less. Simple lives construct simple concerns. Conversely, complex lives construct complex concerns. Take a lesson from the parable of the poor man and the rich man. The poor man was joyous because though he has no money, he has nothing to worry about. The rich man on the other had misses his sleep as he worries day-by-day about thieves robbing him of his riches. A good piece of advice is this: The simpler the life is-the better.

7) Converse with your God. Of the twenty-four hours you have each day, spare a few moments to go to a quite place and talk to your god in prayer, meditation or yoga. The ordinary act of communing with nature is already communicating with your god. Have pleasure in God’s magnificent creations, especially because you are a part of it.

The lists I have provided may not be complete in providing you with signs that you are struggling with spiritual prosperity or the steps you can take in regaining or finding your spiritual prosperity. But the point here is that you recognize that finding spiritual prosperity or the loss thereof is entirely up to every little thing you do.

Are you struggling for spiritual prosperity? How do you overcome such a struggle for spiritual prosperity? Well then, I think it’s time you evaluate your life and decide what you can do about it.

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