Spay, neutering and behavior training save pets’ lives

Behavior problems cause millions of dogs and cats to be surrendered to shelters each year, say a number of pet care professionals in Asheville.

“The No. 1 reason I think that animals end up at the shelter is because of behavioral issues,” says Mark Ledyard, veterinarian and owner of Charlotte Street Animal Hospital. “So that’s definitely one thing that’s typically [covered] during your annual visit. If there are any difficult issues, then we can figure out how to go about addressing that so we can have a family member we all enjoy,” he says.

Kim Brophy, a dog behavior consultant and owner of The Dog Door Behavior Center in Asheville, sees firsthand the kind of behavior problems that can propel owners to surrender their dogs. “A lot of times dogs come in at about six months old where people did not get the preventative behavioral health care that they needed, and at this point they are having serious problems; they’re kind of at their wit’s ends and are…

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