Soundcloud offers cheaper alternative to Spotify and Apple Music – News

When it comes to streaming music, whether you do it through Spotify or Apple Music, the expected price is $9.99 a month, but Soundcloud is trying to change that with Soundcloud Go.

Soundcloud Go offers music fans 120 million tracks without ads for $5.99 a month.

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Soundcloud announced the new alternative today in a press release, along with the release of Soundcloud Go+. Soundcloud Go+ is the original Soundcloud Go with a pricepoint of $9.99 a month, along with 30 million premium tracks.

Soundcloud writes, “The new SoundCloud Go plan gives you the first, fully on-demand listening experience at this price point.” It appears that one of the primary differences between Soundcloud Go and Soundcloud Go+ is the 30 million premium tracks.

If you wanted to listen to the new Suicide Silence album, you would have to subscribe to the $9.99 package. Spotify Go still gets listen to the premium tracks but only a small preview instead of…

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