Some Truth Behind the Satellite TV Companies – Direct TV vs. Dish Network

Satellite TV is just one of the several options available for many people in the United States for enjoying television shows. Just like everyone else, you might be a little confused about which satellite company to choose. Direct TV and Dish Network are two different companies that offer their own policies of payments and channel lists. Here are some comparison facts about those companies.

If you go to compare their prices, then Dish Network offers a lower price than the Direct TV. The Dish Network has the largest package of television channels at 315 and they will charge you only $66.44. But if you want the service from the Direct TV, then they can only provide 79% of the channels provided by Dish Network and charge you 30% more than what Dish Network charges.

All the packages offered by these two companies are good, however, all the packages provided by Dish Network are cheaper than the Direct TV.

Dish Network provides 25 HD channels while Direct TV provides only 8 HD channels….

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