Sociology for Nurses- 3rd edition | Book review

Title: Sociology for Nurses- 3rd Edition

Authors: Elaine Denny, Sarah Earle, Alistair Hewison

Publisher: Polity Press 

Reviewer: Gemma Wilson, learning environment lead & clinical practice educator. Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust (BHFT)

What was it like?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Easy to read, clear direction within each chapter. You could read this book cover to cover and it flows beautifully but each chapter is covers a subject with a clear structure and can be read in isolation- no previous chapter reading required. Beautifully written, lovely and simplistic- clear explanations and informative. No assumptions made around the readers level of knowledge, the pitch was perfect and could be read either by a newly qualified clinician, student nurse, and health care support worker through to your more experienced clinician.

What were the highlights?

I particularly liked the way you can look through the contents page and it’s clear what this chapter is going to…

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