Smart art: the Nanoleaf Aurora triangular lighting system is really neat

Enlarge / The Aurora lights in action.

Terry Dunn

I have to admit that I’m lagging behind with lighting technology at my house. As someone who hasn’t yet even finished replacing my incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs with LEDs, smart lighting and the concept of “lights as art” has never entered my mind. Of course, I divulged none of this when I accepted an offer to review the $200 Nanoleaf Aurora—a modern, WiFi-controlled, artsy LED-light set. And I’m glad I spent the time getting to know the system. As it turns out, you don’t have to be a cutting-edge smarthome guru to appreciate good connected lighting.

About the Aurora

Nanoleaf’s Aurora system is built around a number of linked LED light panels. Each panel is an equilateral triangle measuring about 9-3/4” (250mm) per side, with a thickness of 5/16” (8mm). An outer lens does a super job of diffusing the light from the LED sources within. This results in each panel appearing as a single,…

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