Skuid and Endiem Partner to Deliver Better Cloud Solutions

Companies demand solutions that are flexible and fast. This is why we’re working with Skuid – the leading cloud user experience platform.

Skuid, the leading cloud user experience (UX) platform for building bespoke business apps without writing code, and distinguished Salesforce consultancy Endiem announced a strategic partnership today. Skuid and Endiem will work together to deliver cloud solutions that are scalable, flexible, completely customized to their customers’ needs, and that have beautiful user experiences.

Companies are demanding customization, flexibility and speed in their cloud solutions so that they can innovate faster and stay competitive. Together, Endiem and Skuid are meeting this need.

As a registered Salesforce consulting partner with 15+ years of in-depth industry knowledge and a team including four Salesforce MVPs and many other IT professionals, Endiem’s expertise will provide customers with valuable insights into cloud solutions.

Skuid’s platform allows companies to innovate faster by dramatically reducing the need to write code. Entire enterprise apps built with Skuid require less than half the time that traditional app development requires. Plus, Skuid’s easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface gives companies the power and flexibility to build and iterate on their solutions as quickly as their business needs change. The combination of Skuid’s platform with Endiem’s wealth of Salesforce expertise is unbeatable.

“We’re honored to partner with a consultancy as talented and well-respected in the industry as Endiem,” says Skuid cofounder and CEO Ken McElrath. “By combining Endiem’s expertise in Salesforce implementation and customization with the Skuid platform, we’ll deliver better enterprise solutions to a broader market with unprecedented speed.”

“Companies demand solutions that are flexible and fast. This is why we’re working with Skuid – the leading cloud user experience platform,” says Endiem CEO Geraldine Gray. “Our partnership represents both Endiem’s and Skuid’s dedication to providing customers with solutions that are scalable, future-proof and cost-effective. By working together we can solve Salesforce problems and deliver an excellent user experience.”

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About Skuid

Skuid was founded in 2013 on the simple belief that enterprise apps should stop forcing people to behave like machines. Instead, apps should behave more like the humans who use them, so everyone can thrive in the digital world. With Skuid’s simple-to-use but incredibly robust cloud UX platform, anyone can connect to disparate data sources and assemble highly complex,…

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