Shri Thanedar’s $3.1 Million Campaign Finance Showing Upends Michigan’s Race for Governor

Shri Thanedar for Michigan Governor

The first campaign finance reports in Michigan’s race for governor are in, and entrepreneur and scientist Shri Thanedar is leading the Democratic field by a wide margin.

Thanedar has $3 million cash on hand in his campaign account, far ahead of Gretchen Whitmer, the next closest at $1.14 million. Abdul El-Sayed is in third place at $644,324.

“Michigan needs a truly progressive candidate who has a record of building success from the ground up,” Thanedar said. “I believe that so strongly that I’m willing to dedicate a significant amount of resources to getting our message out to the people.”

Thanedar rose from a low-income family in southern India to become a successful American entrepreneur and citizen, while overcoming many personal and professional hurdles.

Like so many Michiganders, Thanedar took a hard punch from the great recession. Like many Michigan businesses, his suffered a severe downturn. His business was taken by the bank and, like many Michigan homes, his dream home was foreclosed. In the end, every cent was paid back to the bank, but he had to start over. Through a combination of grit, hard work and unwavering optimism in the face of tremendous adversity, Thanedar built up a new business. He sold this latest company, Avomeen, in December, and shared $1.5 million of the sale price with his employees.

Thanedar will take that same grit to the governor’s office to deliver common-sense, progressive solutions to Michigan’s toughest problems: not enough good paying jobs, stagnant wages, crumbling infrastructure and skyrocketing college tuition and health care costs.

“All Michiganders deserve an equal shot at success, but for far too long Lansing politicians have favored the…

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