Seth Meyers Slams Republican for Violent Response to Reporter


Seth Meyers said a Republican congressional candidate’s response to a question about health care “was to give the reporter a pre-existing condition.”


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When the Answer’s ‘a Pre-Existing Condition’

Greg Gianforte won a special election on Thursday for Montana’s at-large seat in the House of Representatives, even after he was charged with assaulting a Guardian reporter the day before. The late-night hosts didn’t know the results of the election when they taped their shows — but they knew the news would make good comedy.

“The Republican congressional candidate for a special election in Montana yesterday reportedly body-slammed a journalist after he asked a question about the Republican health care plan. Now, to be fair, that basically is the Republican health care plan.” — SETH MEYERS

“The G.O.P. health care plan is so bad, Republicans would rather body slam reporters than answer a question about it. His response to the question was to give the reporter a pre-existing condition.” — SETH MEYERS

Video by Late Night With Seth Meyers

Jimmy Fallon made a reference to a recent “Tonight Show” guest, the actor Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock, who has executed his own share of body slams.

“Some Republicans are defending him, saying the body slam wasn’t a big deal — which they may regret in three years, when The Rock runs for president.” — JIMMY FALLON

And Jimmy Kimmel poked some fun at the reporter, Ben Jacobs, who tweeted immediately after his altercation with Mr. Gianforte:

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