‘Scandal’ leaves audiences in awe after major development

Thursday night’s episode of the hit show “Scandal” is sure to have fans buzzing after a major plot development.

On “Trojan Horse,” Jake reveals to David Rosen that his girlfriend is part of Peus, the secret group responsible for killing Frankie Vargas and putting Cyrus in jail. But Jake tells him to keep up the act until they can bring Peus down.

Meanwhile, Mellie is also told the truth about Peus and their plans to make her president. Mellie is disgusted, but also wants to know what her “options” are. Olivia tells her that the presidency belonged to Frankie and it now it belongs to Cyrus.

Cyrus subsequently gets released from prison and he is cleared of all charges. Abby brings Cyrus to a hotel and tells him that he’s the next president of the United States. In shock, Cyrus has flashbacks of the past few months leading up to his release.

Meanwhile, Mellie wants to call a press conference to concede but Elizabeth, her soon-to-be chief of staff, tells her not to because she belongs in the Oval Office. Mellie agrees and tells Olivia that she is going to let the electors decide for themselves.

Liv now decides to get behind Cyrus to make him electable again. She enlists her gladiators to help out. However, when Liv shows up at Cyrus’ hotel to regain his trust, he refuses her help. He tells her she abandoned him in jail and he’s not interested in her guidance.

Meanwhile, the FBI director questions the president to determine why Olivia is suddenly supporting Cyrus after working with Mellie. Not getting answers from Fitz, the director sets off to find out.

As Liv’s campaign to get Cyrus elected starts to amp up, she gets a call from her father to meet. At the research lab, Eli tells Liv to let Mellie win the presidency or he will become “extinct.”

In an effort to get Cyrus back on track, the president visits him and gives him a pep talk. It works, and Cyrus holds a press conference to advocate for the presidency. He appeals to the public with a heartfelt message saying he will “honor Frankie Vargas’ legacy.”

However, when Peus realizes that Cyrus now has a chance at the presidency, they come to Mellie’s office and intimidate her by killing Elizabeth. They also let her know she will be a puppet for them once elected. Afraid, Mellie calls Liv to come over and tells her what has happened. Jake cleans up and calms Mellie down. Liv tells Mellie she plans to follow the money to find out who these people are and bring them down.

Meanwhile, the FBI director tells the president that Olivia’s account was the one that paid off Tom Larson. She tells Fitz she is planning to have Liv arrested. He tries to shut her down, but she refuses to let it go.

When Fitz tells Liv about the director, Liv says going to jail would help Mellie not get elected. Fitz does not agree and goes behind her…

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